VIDEO: Fireworks are illegal in Contra Costa County, so what happens if you get caught?


CONTRA COSTA COUNTY (KRON) — In many cities, there are designated areas for people that want to light their own fireworks, but In Contra Costa County, it’s illegal everywhere you go.

So, what will happen to those who get caught with illegal fireworks?

Although they are illegal, some people still light them up.

As a matter of fact, KRON4 has been hearing them all afternoon and evening. And people in the Richmond-San Pablo neighborhood tell KRON4 that has always been the case.

Fireworks are being set off the weekend before Jul. 4, on the actual holiday, and even the week after.

This is concerning for families living near Wildcat Canyon. That area is a very high fire-hazard severity zone.

And there are people that ignore signs that say fireworks are not allowed. The dry vegetation in that area is perfect for starting fires, and with those homes nearby, it can be disastrous.

Captain George Laing says there are numerous amounts of injuries that occur each year because of fireworks.

And fire crews are stretched thin on the fourth because of fires due to the “setting off” of illegal fireworks.

Laing says if caught, you could face penalties, fines, and jail time, all increase depending on the number of illegal fireworks that are in that person’s possession.

“If you use fireworks and injure someone, or a fire spreads and damages property, then you can be held under felony charges for the fire and the damages,” Laing said. “In addition, if there’s cost recovery that the county proceeds with, you’ll be liable for all the costs of fire protection. For example, if we look in this area behind us, if Cal Fire is needed to assist us in extinguishing a fire, and you started that fire using illegal fireworks, then you’re responsible for all the costs.”

Of course, there would also be criminal charges added to that.

Those are some things to consider if you’re thinking about setting off illegal fireworks in Contra Costa County.



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