VIDEO: Milwaukee Uber customers charged almost $900 for a single ride


MILWAUKEE (KRON/CNN) — A couple in Milwaukee paid nearly $900 for a single Uber ride.

They used the ride-hailing app to go to a festival last week. But they had no idea the bill would be that high.

Every year, thousands of people who go to Summerfest use Uber to get to the event.

The couple told their driver to make several stops along the way The only problem was that they were never told how much it would cost.

The next morning, their credit card company sent them a fraud alert.

In emails back and forth, Uber says the surge price was 8.6 times the normal cost and the upfront price is no longer relevant when stops are added.

“We thought maybe they will negotiate because nobody said anything, and when he contacted them, they said ‘nothing, we can’t do anything,'” Uber rider Audra Tubin said.

Here’s Uber’s response to the Tubin family:

“We have reviewed the trip. The fare you were charged is within our estimate for a trip from your pickup location to destination. As a result, the fare was not adjusted.”



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