CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Florida family attacked by monkeys


Video courtesy of CNN.

FLORIDA (CNN) — A family in Florida was attacked by wild monkeys during a visit to a state park in Ocala.

The entire incident was captured on video.

“It went from ‘oh look at the cute monkeys’ to like oh my god our lives are in danger,” Susie Ramsey said.

Ramsey feared for her two kids.

“All of a sudden with our backs turned, four, I assume big males, kind of charged us and surrounded us and were grunting and hissing.”

Video courtesy of CNN.

Ramsey says her parents stood their ground, growling back at the monkeys, as she and her boys backed away.

“I honestly think they might have been attacked if they hadn’t stood their ground. It seemed as though if you turned and run they were all gonna come just jump on you.”

The monkeys chased them away from the pavilion and down the sidewalk before finally letting up.

About 200 of those monkeys live at the park.

Biologists are concerned that as their numbers grow, the animals could start spreading to other areas.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission says they are monitoring the situation at the park.



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