Gary’s Word: Another day, another Warriors success

Nick Young (Mark J. Terrill/Associated Press)


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Another day, another Warriors success story–or at least they think so.

Nick Young, complete with stardom at USC and four NBA teams in his resume, comes aboard at age 32.

Much like JaVale McGee, Young brings a little baggage with him, but hey, also a little fun.

He enjoyed a much-publicized romance with a youthful female rapper named Iggy.

He gave himself the Nickname “Swagger P” because of course his style is a little swagger.

Young will back up Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, and if he’s smart, he will read the room and “mind his manners.”

At least that’s what the Warriors are betting on.

Quick mention on Kevin Durant taking an estimated $8 million less than he could have received: Good for him, but remember, Durant’s all-around worth is much more valuable as a member of a world championship team.

And don’t forget the Warriors contract will skyrocket near the top in another 12 months.

This is not to discredit Durant in any way, but rather, fans and media who have labeled his move saintly.

The Warriors and the NBA just can’t stay out of the news, and while the NFL remains America’s No. 1 sport, it sure feels like pro basketball is now No. 2.

Yes, the once national pastime baseball has slipped to third.



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