VIDEO: Oakland home vandalized with Anti-Semitic graffiti


OAKLAND (KRON) — An Oakland home was vandalized, and now police are searching for the suspects.

Rick Hirsch walked out of his home in the Rockridge District of Oakland on Wednesday morning only to find that he and his family were subjected to Anti-Semitic graffiti.

The word “Jew” was scrawled on his trash can.

As the father of two, Hirsch was concerned about the effect on the neighborhood children as well as his own.

He feels the current political climate has contributed to this kind display of hatred.

“They feel emboldened, more courageous to express themselves,” Hirsch said. “Whether it’s verbally about their feelings about race or religion, culture or gender, or it’s on the road, road rage, just being rude. I can’t help but think a sliver of that is tainting our civic mindedness. There’s at least 25 children, little children, up and down the street. I mean think before you do something that exposes all these little kids to kind of a nasty angry message.”

Hirsch has filed a police report and taken steps to have his trash can be replaced.



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