VIDEO: Coyote Creek flood victims file claims against San Jose

SAN JOSE (KRON) — The victims of the Coyote Creek flooding are filing claims against the city of San Jose, the Santa Clara Valley Water District, and the County of Santa Clara.

On February 21, Coyote Creek overflowed and flooded several neighborhoods in San Jose.

Now, the victims of the flood have filed claims for damages. They are seeking recovery for their property losses and the pain and suffering caused by the flood.

The victims spoke at a press conference Thursday in the Rock Springs neighborhood.

They claim they had no warning ahead of the flooding. Residents were forced to evacuate and some had to be rescued by crews with boats and rafts.

Some 14,000 people were evacuated as the Coyote Creek flooded parts of Rock Springs, Naglee Park, and Old Oakland Road, causing at least $73 million in damage.

Hundreds of residents were displaced. Some victims are still not able to move back into their homes and have lost nearly everything.

Statement from Santa Clara Valley Water District:

The Santa Clara Valley Water District has received a number of claims with respect to the flooding of Coyote Creek. The filing of a claim is the first step in proceeding with a lawsuit. The District will give each claim due consideration.

In the interim, I would like to say our hearts go out to everyone who was impacted by the flooding of Coyote Creek.

The Water District works to reduce the risk of flooding through the creation of flood control projects, planning and working with City responders in charge of alerting the public of impending flood events. The overwhelming amount of water that struck our community during a short period of time was of epic and historic proportions during the rainstorms in February.

Statement from the City of San Jose:

The City received claims for flood damages related to the floods yesterday. The City Attorney’s Office is reviewing the claims and has no comment at this time.

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