VIDEO: Over a dozen cars broken into overnight in San Ramon


SAN RAMON (KRON) — Over a dozen cars were broken into overnight in San Ramon.

The auto break-in spree lasted about 9 hours. But when it was over, the thieves didn’t get away with much.

In the burglaries, windows were smashed, interiors were ransacked, and valuables were stolen.

“We are not happy that we had 13 incidents of this last night,” San Ramon police Cpl. Becky Chestnut said. “That is too many for one night.”

The auto burglary spree started at 10 p.m. Wednesday and ended around 7 a.m. Thursday morning in San Ramon’s Bollinger Hills neighborhood.

Thirteen auto break-ins overnight are highly unusual for the quiet East Bay town.

Chestnut says on a typical night there might be “anywhere between zero to maybe one or two.”

KRON4 found evidence of one of the break-ins on Morgan Drive.

“This right here is a mini cooper that was broken into last night,” Cpl. Chestnut said. “The window was shattered. This is a suitcase. It looks like the criminals have gone through the suitcase, checked for valuables, but it is all clothing.”

Nothing was stolen there.

In fact, Cpl. Chestnut explains why she thinks in most of these auto break-ins, the thief left empty handed.

“We preach over and over…do not leave valuables in your vehicles,” Cpl. Chestnut said. “In this case, out of 13 incidences, only two had something valuable to take. Eleven vehicles there was nothing stolen. It was just a window smash, a look, and they went onto the next one.”

Investigators say one of the 13 auto break-ins led to the auto theft of a white 2001 Nissan Altima.

Police are checking with residents in the area to see if anyone has information.

Investigators are also looking for surveillance video of any possible suspects.

If you have information, you are asked to contact San Ramon police.



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