VIDEO: Georgia woman finds strangers living in her home–and they’re allowed to stay


COBB COUNTY, Georgia (KRON) — Imagine putting a house up for sale, moving out, and then stopping by one day to find strangers living there without your knowledge.

It happened to a Georgia woman

She says she assumed a quick call to police would clear out the trespassers, but she was wrong.

Turns out, the home was rented out on Craigslist.

The people living there say they signed a lease by fax, paid their rent with a money order, and only learned there was a problem when the homeowner called the police.

The renter says she went to the courthouse and was told she could stay.

“They said until these people come and properly evict us they can’t force us out,” renter Tamera Pritchett said.

“Outrage…people can’t understand why somebody that has no legal right to be in the home, can stay in the home until I evict them,” homeowner Dena Everman said.

A legal expert confirmed that the homeowner will have to file for eviction.

That process could take between four to six weeks.



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