VIDEO: Is riding BART safe? Yet another mob robbery worries passengers

OAKLAND (KRON) — Is it safe riding BART? Many passengers traveling to or from the Coliseum station in Oakland Thursday were well aware there had been another robbery and attack by a mob of teens.

At around 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, a juvenile grabbed a woman’s cell phone aboard a BART train and then ran off the train with a dozen others.

The woman was not injured.

Another passenger chased the suspect and demanded the phone back. He was beaten, but he got the phone back.

Members of BART Robbery Suppression Task Force intercepted the group, detained and photographed them, but ultimately released them when the victims could not identify the culprits.

BART is now reviewing surveillance video from aboard the train and the station.

“I continue to be shocked at how this same style of crime continues to be occurring at the same location,” said Paul Justi.

Justi represents seven BART passengers who were victims of similar mob style attacks. While he applauds BART for deploying a special robbery suppression task force at four of the stations, he says more must be done.

“Their own internal documents say only 5 percent of passengers see police on trains, well that’s where the crime is occurring, that’s where police need to be,” Justi said.

BART is quick to point out that the City of Oakland has a lot more crime than BART does, but Justi says that misses the point.

He says their focus should be on addressing the problems at the BART station, not who’s better or worse.

Back in April, dozens of teens rushed onto a BART train car at the same station in Oakland. The mob robbed and beat passengers.



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