VIDEO: BART Police Chief defends new crime reporting policies

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The new BART Police Chief is defending his department’s transparency when it comes to reporting crimes.

Chief Carlos Rojas tells KRON4 that all crimes are now reported on the website

However, the new system is getting some criticism.

KRON4’s Lydia Pantazes is at the Walnut Creek Station.

She reports the new system is replacing the past practice of emailing a police log of the crimes that happened at BART stations.

The chief says more people have access to the information now that it is online, even though the website does not provide as much detail as to what happened.

When it comes to releasing video of crimes that occurred on BART cars, the chief says that will be on a case by case basis.

While people have a right to know about crimes on BART, they don’t want to jeopardize any investigations by releasing the footage, Police Chief Carlos Rojas said.

KRON4 spoke with a BART rider who believes the more information made public, the better.

Another BART rider says that withholding some information is okay.

“If he’s a professional I think he’s going to handle it the way he sees fit, if it’s keeping some information to protect the investigation I got to give it to the professional, I mean it’s the price of freedom,” the BART rider said.

Chief Rojas told KRON4 he is not trying to hide information from the public, and has not initiated any changes that would do so.



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