Fairfield man arrested during traffic stop after police find cellphone video of him exposing his genitals to women

Enrique Cisneros, a 25-year old Fairfield resident

FAIRFIELD (KRON) — A Fairfield man was arrested on Wednesday during a traffic stop after police found cellphone video of him committing lewd acts and exposing his genitals to women, police said.

Police said Enrique Cisneros, 25, had been committing lewd acts in public since April.

On Tuesday, police stopped Cisneros in the area of East Travis Boulevard and Sunset Avenue after seeing him talking on his cellphone, officers said. During the traffic stop, police found Cisneros was on probation in Solano County and were able to search his phone.

Police said they found numerous videos of the lewd acts.

“A detective from the Police Department’s Electronic Crimes Unit later conducted a forensic search of Cisneros’ cell phone and discovered more video evidence that he had been recording himself performing similar acts at various public locations,” police said in a press release.

Cisneros was booked into Solano County Jail on charges related to the videos and a probation violation.

In the videos, police say Cisneros is hiding in the bushes near fast-food drive-throughs or walking trails while performing the lewd acts. He was also seen standing on the side of roads performing similar acts as cars drove by. Cisneros was also seen near public restrooms.

If you have any more information, you are asked to call police at (707)-428-7600.



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