WATCH: Homeowner stops package theft in San Jose

SAN JOSE (KRON) — A homeowner confronted a thief who was stealing a package off her porch in San Jose on Wednesday.

Heidi Burrows was driving to her house on Tulip Drive at around 5:45 p.m. when she saw a woman running from her porch with a box.

She watched as the thief threw the package in an SUV and got into the backseat. Burrows said she could see a man was driving.

Burrows pulled in front of them and began honking her horn. The thieves threw the package out the window and speed off.

Burrows was able to snap some pictures of the car’s license plate before they drove off. Her security cameras caught the entire incident on camera.

San Jose police have issued a “be on the look out” for the license plate and a vehicle that matches the description, however, they are not actively investigating this because no actual theft took place.

Burrows said the box the thieves were stealing was actually just full of boxes. As an eBay seller she routinely orders shipping supplies.

“I kind of wish they kept it,” Burrows said. “I would have loved to see their face when they opened it.”

Police do not recommend doing what Burrows did.

“You don’t know what those people have in their car,” Burrows said. “So in hindsight, I would recommend just taking a picture from your car but I was pretty ramped up at the time.”



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