WATCH: Dashcam video of gun-wielding priest released


(CNN) — Dashcam video shows Episcopal priest William Adams getting out of his Corvette after a 911 caller claimed he waved a handgun at her on the turnpike in Palm City, Florida.

Adams told troopers he is an Episcopal priest on vacation with a female theology professor and that he’s got a permit to carry his gun which is under the front passenger seat.

Adams told troopers the 911 caller threw a coke bottle and other items at his car.

But she says she and her son pulled up next to him to ask him why he slammed on his brakes.

After talking to Adams’ passenger and him, troopers put him in handcuffs and let him know he’s going to jail.

A few minutes later the priest was in the back of the FHP car, his hands behind his back asking for some medication to bring with him.

According to the Asheville Citizen times, the church Adams is affiliated with released a statement saying the congregation is having a conversation about the incident.



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