VIDEO: 7-year-old girl nicked by pellet gun slug in Gilroy

(Rob Fladeboe/Twitter)


GILROY (KRON) — Somebody with a pellet gun shattered the window of a vehicle on Wednesday in Gilroy, and the slug nicked a 7-year old girl, lodging in her hair.

It happened near the intersection of Santa Teresa Boulevard and Fitzgerald Avenue just north of the city limits.

The sheriff’s office confirms that a minivan was shot at on Santa Teresa Boulevard at about 9:45 a.m. Thursday.

But the driver of that minivan is convinced other vehicles are being shot at there, and she wants to let the community know about it.

“I pulled over and was holding a towel to her head, and I didn’t know what was wrong,” said Leslie Oxley, whose car was hit by a pellet gun.

Oxley had just passed through the intersection of Santa Teresa Boulevard and Fitzgerald Avenue, northbound on Santa Teresa, when somebody took a shot at her minivan.

“It was like a loud pop, and I had no idea what it could be, and I turned around and saw that the rear window had been…shattered,” Oxley said.

The window has since been replaced but Julie’s 7-year-old daughter Grace was nicked by what sheriff’s deputies say was a slug from a pellet gun.

Grace is fine, but she was that close to a much more serious injury.

“So, they’re looking for the bullet, and she turns her head, and we see it stuck in her hair, and they pull it out, and say, ‘Yep, that’s the bullet,'” Oxley said.

A man in a pickup who was right behind Oxley, who stopped to help, says his vehicle was also shot at.

The sheriff’s office can only confirm the two cases, but Oxley thinks other incidents may be going unreported.

“There was me, and the other car that day, but I have since found out through Facebook that two other drivers have been hit in that area,” Oxley said.

Santa Teresa and Fitzgerald is a rural area but see a lot of traffic heading to and from Gilroy on Highway 101 and Monterey Road.

There aren’t too many places for a sniper to hide unless someone was shooting from another vehicle.

Oxley is now avoiding the area and wants everyone to know what happened.

“I’m really angry, and I don’t want this to happen to somebody else,” Oxley said. “We’re shaken up, but we’re fine, but if this doesn’t stop, you just don’t know how far this is going to go.”

The sheriff’s office says it will be stepping up patrols and is encouraging drivers and neighbors to report anything suspicious.




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