Fake flyer advertising jobs causes confusion at Raiders’ stadium meeting

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A fake handbill caused confusion at Thursday’s Raiders’ Stadium Authority Board Meeting.

The flyer advertised jobs for 5,000 men and women. When more than 1,100 people showed up at the Clark County Government Center, they discovered it was a hoax.

The police showed up to calm everyone down when tempers started to flare.

“These are kids not deep in money, so they’re jumping on buses to get down here thinking they’re getting a job and it’s a lie. People should be embarrassed to put that information out,” said Daniel O’Shea, labor leader.

The flyer stated the event was presented by Churches of So. Nevada and the Get Active Foundation. Both groups denied they had anything to do with the bogus handbills.

Stan Washington says he was the person who created the flyer because he wanted to see more men of color involved in the meetings.

“There are certain folks who did not want to see black folks down here engaged. There are certain folks who are part of the system status quo that do not want that engagement. They say we don’t show up at public meetings to engage, but we’re here,” said Washington.

Despite Washington’s motives, many young men and women who showed up expecting a chance to land a job where met with disappointment.

“I assumed there was going to be a lot of jobs available today. I was here at 12:00 and there are no jobs. Hundreds of people being turned away,” said Cory Ford, job seeker.

The group gathered information from 1,100 workers from the job recruitment sign up.

County Commissioner Steve Sisolak also lighten the mood by throwing footballs to the once angry crowd.

“These are little footballs, not regulation, tough to put a spiral on this Nerf ball,” Sisolak said.

During the meeting, the Raiders introduced its project team. Icon Venture Group will help the Raiders operate the stadium.

There was no UNLV discussion regarding the stadium at the meeting.

Team President Marc Badain says 50,000 Riders season ticket deposits are already in place.



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