VIDEO: Dangerous, illegal fireworks still going off in the Bay Area 10 days after Fourth of July


ALAMEDA COUNTY (KRON) — Even 10 days after Independence Day, law enforcement agencies around the Bay Area are still picking up dangerous, illegal fireworks.

2017 was a very active year for illegal fireworks in Alameda County.

Authorities say when the economy is good, and people have more expendable income, they tend to buy more fireworks in the summer.


“That was one,” Alameda County Sgt. Ray Kelly said. “Often times, you’ll see people putting many of these together to make an even bigger explosion.”

The often-homemade fireworks might be better described as bombs.

“These are so dangerous, Sgt. Kelly said. “One of these here will permanently disfigure you, take your hand off. I can’t tell you how bad these are.”

And there’s a whole box of them inside this storage unit, along with other things that snap, crackle, and pop.

Sgt. Ray Kelly says police and fire departments around the county confiscated about 3 tons of illegal fireworks this year, three times as much as the haul from 2016.

There are still a few more pickups the sheriff’s office has scheduled for the weekend around the county, though fortunately, some places like Fremont don’t have a whole lot of illegal explosives to turn in.

“Our seizure here was a little dent out of it, but you know, it’s a pretty big endeavor to try to get every firework off the street. It’s probably impossible,” Sgt. Kelly said.

But it is worth the effort to get them away from families and pets.

If you’re wondering what happens to the fireworks, the state fire marshal’s office actually has a budget specifically set aside to disposing of them properly, so they don’t pollute the air or the soil.



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