VIDEO: Oakland Police Department promotions met with protesters over sex scandal


OAKLAND (KRON) — A day of celebration for Oakland police officers being promoted is being met with protest, and it all ties back to the OPD sex scandal.

On Friday, there was more trouble for those that lead Oakland, the mayor, and her new police chief.

“We had a promise from Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf that she would get rid of what she called the old boys’ club,” said Nancy Armstrong-Temple, who is with the Anti-Police Terror Project. “When Chief Kirkpatrick was hired, she was hired as a woman who would clean up the department, and instead, what they have done is promote that type of disgusting behavior.”

Nancy Armstrong-Temple was among those protesting outside an Oakland Police Department Promotion Ceremony on Friday.

Protestors say three of those promoted oversaw what a federal judge called severely mishandled investigation into whether police officers were having sex with Jasmine Abuslin, who at that time was an underage prostitute.

“No one who was involved in any cover up of any child sex scandal should be anywhere near the Oakland Police Department,” Armstrong-Temple said.

At a federal court hearing on Monday, attorneys John Burris and Jim Chanin asked the judge overseeing the Oakland Police Department to order an investigation into that botched investigation.

But in his order issued earlier this week, the judge stopped short of doing that.

“Misconduct has to be investigated at every level of the police department,” Chanin said.

Chanin says Oakland police could still do it, but promotions should have waited.



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