VIDEO: Woman harassed by men mistaking her home for ‘massage’ spa


NEW JERSEY (KRON) — A woman who has the same address as a massage spa says she is constantly harassed by potential customers.

Kimberly Perez began getting mysterious visitors ever since she moved into the home in New Jersey two years ago.

After doing some research online, she discovered that her home has the same address of a massage spa a little more than two miles away.

Police say that spa has a history of prostitution arrests.

The woman says that the men who come to her door seem very eager to start their appointments. “They’re always men. Variations of men. From college kids, to scrawny, scruffy looking gross men,” Perez said.

One particular man was extra aggressive.

“And he was coming in and trying to get in my kitchen. And that’s when I told him , I said, ‘There’s no hookers here. You need to go away,’” Perez said.

Perez hopes a new law cracking down on massage businesses will stop the men from showing up at her home.

CNN contributed to this article.



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