Attorney: California physician charged with illegally prescribing oxycodone

This undated photo provided by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation shows fake Oxycodone pills that are actually fentanyl that were seized and submitted to bureau crime labs. Street fentanyl is increasingly dangerous to users, with thousands of deaths in recent years blamed on the man-made opiate. But police say officers are at risk, too, because the drug can be inhaled if powder becomes airborne, or it can be absorbed through the skin. Fentanyl is sometimes placed in tablets of counterfeit prescription drugs, but also comes in the form of patches, powder and even sprays. (Tommy Farmer/Tennessee Bureau of Investigation via AP)

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A physician licensed to practice in California has been indicted on several counts of unlawfully prescribing oxycodone, United States Attorney Brian Stretch announced Thursday.

50-year-old Christopher Owens of Indianapolis was arrested July 11 and has been charged with 36 counts of unlawfully distributing oxycodone.

He was arrested in Indianapolis.

The indictment alleges Owens intended to act outside of the course of usual professional practices and without a legitimate medical purpose when he prescribed oxycodone on numerous occasions between September of 2012 and June of 2015, prosecutors said.



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