VIRAL VIDEO: Dad sings National Anthem over Walmart intercom

OSAGE BEACH, MO (WCMH) — “Attention Walmart shoppers!”

An Ohio father is making news for his beautiful rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner, which he performed over a Walmart intercom and is getting rave reviews.

According to WKYC, he is originally from Missouri and takes his family there on vacations in summer. Fruits lives in the Cleveland area and works for Momentum Christian Church as the creative arts minister.

“A friend of mine had posted on her Facebook page asking people to share the thing that they are certain none of their friends have done,” Fruits said to KRCG-TV earlier this week.

Fruits responded that singing the national anthem at Walmart was his achievement. He says his friend told him to post video proof–and so he did, providing a video of himself belting the anthem over the loudspeaker at the Osage Beach Walmart.

Fruits said he got a $10 Walmart gift card and a Walmart cape. Now, his rendition of the anthem has been shared thousands of times, and Fruits has been interviewed by several news outlets.

He even performed an encore for the night crew at that same Walmart.

Fruits said there is a bigger reason he does what he does. According to WKYC, he is trying to bring awareness to cystic fibrosis. His 15-year-old daughter Mylee is battling the disease. The family has a fundraising page here.



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