O.J. Simpson to get unlikely ally at parole hearing

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — On Thursday, July 20, the world will learn whether or not O.J. Simpson will be released from prison because his parole hearing will be held in northern Nevada.

However, when Simpson appears before the parole board on Thursday, he will have a pretty strong advocate in his corner. Bruce Fromog, the victim in the robbery, plans to speak on his behalf. Fromong told 8 News NOW that he was preparing a letter to read to the parole board asking for Simpson’s release in October.

Fromong was robbed during the heist at the Palace Station in Las Vegas. The robbery was allegedly committed, to get Simpson back some of his sports memorabilia. Fromong says his relationship with Simpson goes back decades. As far back as the time, Simpson was on trial for the murders of hi ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman.

“California couldn’t get him; Nevada did,” Fromong said.

Fromong has been a business partner of Simpson’s for years. In fact, while Simpson was on trial in Californa and still in jail, Fromong and a business partner, were allowed to work with Simpson to sell signed memorabilia.

“During the 16, 17 months we did $3 million worth of business,” Fromong said.

“It’s been nearly 10 years, September 2007 to be exact, since Fromong was called to the Palace Station casino where he was asked to bring Simpson memorabilia.

Fromong was told a mystery buyer from California wanted to purchase more than a $100,000 worth of merchandise, so he brought more than 600 items to room number 1203 where he sat and waited until about 7:30 p.m. that evening when he got the surprise of his life.

“I’m still on the phone when all of a sudden the door bust open. The first guy hit me, the second guys got a gun and I know I’m being robbed,” Fromong said. The last guy in the room is OJ, and don’t ask me why, but the first thing on my mind is, ‘OJ. how can you be so stupid?”

Fromong believes it was Thomas Riccio who set up Simpson, taped the entire affair and sold it to TMZ for an estimated $150,000.

“Don’t let nobody out of here,” Simpson said on the video!

“Yeah, I feared for my life, Fromong said. “I had a gun to my face.”

Recently Fromong showed 8 News NOW some of the items from the robbery. Simpson was told the merchandise was his, which Simpson said was the reason he went to the room that night. But, after nearly three years of wrangling, Fromong received the stolen memorabilia back from a California court that had been holding it to determine ownership.

If the merchandise had belonged to OJ, it would have likely been sold with the money going to the Goldman family to pay off their $33 million civil case against the former NFL football star.

In 2013, Simpson was paroled on five charges. He also apologized to Fromong.

“I am sorry for what has happened, Simpson said in court in 2013. “I have spoken at length to both of the victims. They’ve apologized, I’ve apologized. I know their families, they know my families, and I just wish I would’ve never gone into that room.”

Sports Reporter Ron Futrell: Do you think he’ll get out?”
Fromong: “I do.”

On Thursday, those at the parole hearing will have to consider the remaining three charges against Simpson.

It’s estimated that Simpson makes $32,000 a month from his NFL pension, which would mean he will make about $350,000 a year. If nobody has touched that money, Simpson would have more than $3.5 million waiting for him when he gets out of prison.

Simpson’s pension can not be part of the settlement that goes to the Goldmans, but, any money he makes outside of that, like selling merchandise with Fromong would go to the Goldmans.



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