VIDEO: 5 accused of running prostitution ring out of Tennessee Airbnb rental


MEMPHIS, Tennessee (KRON/CNN) — Five people are accused of running a prostitution ring out of an Airbnb rental in Memphis, Tennessee.

Police say the crew was arrested on Sunday after neighbors started noticing men going in and out of the house.

Police say neighbors counted as many as 31 men who were in and out of the house since last Friday.

After raiding the house, police found around $4,000, drugs, guns and even three children in the home.

“If you’re gonna come over here and try to do some silly stuff, you’re gonna get caught,” neighbor Kevin Lambert said. “Glad it’s all over with. We don’t need that mess on our street.”

Police say all three children are in the custody of Tennessee’s Department of Children Services.

Airbnb officials say this type of behavior is unacceptable and the user’s account has been removed.



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