Family: Oxygen treatment reversed New Orleans toddler’s brain damage from near drowning


NEW ORLEANS (KRON/CNN) — A toddler has beaten the odds after nearly drowning in her family pool last February.

Doctors believed she suffered fatal brain damage, but she is making a miraculous recovery.

Two-year-old Eden Carlson snuck out of a baby gate at her New Orleans home into the backyard.

Her mom found her face down in the pool and immediately started CPR.

Eden’s heart did not beat on its own for almost 2 hours, and by then, the effect on her brain was devastating.

The family was able to find a doctor that offered hyperbaric oxygen treatment to see if it could bring Eden back. The results have been amazing.

“She was not speaking, she was not eating, she had a feeding tube,” mother Kristal Carlson said. “She could not sit up or even hold her head up. She just laid there.”

“She had lost both gray matter and white matter,” Dr. Paul Harch said. “And usually, they continue along that line of atrophy and more shrinkage. After she had the treatment here and the supplemental oxygen, we repeated the MRI at home and we were shocked.”

Kristal can’t explain how it happened.

“We’ve seen miracles before our very eyes with our little daughter going through this therapy,” she said.

Eden’s family says she continues to improve every day and are so grateful she has been restored.

Her story will be shared at a medical conference for hyperbaric treatment in New Orleans next month.



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