VIDEO: Oakland barber shop employees, customers react to OJ Simpson’s parole

Testifying before the Nevada Parole Commission, OJ Simpson said “I basically have spent a conflict-free life.” Simpson is seeking release from prison after nine years behind bars. (July 20)


OAKLAND (KRON) — The Nevada Parole Board’s decision to release O.J. Simpson was not met with a huge ovation–at least not at one East Bay barber shop keeping a close eye on Thursday’s parole hearing.

At Lucky’s Barber Shop in Oakland, all eyes were on the TV screen when the decision was made to release O.J. Simpson on parole.

“Well deserved, well deserved,” stylist Latonya Mayfield said.

Mayfield thinks the Nevada Parole Board made the right decision.

“He served his time, nine years, which I think is a bit excessive for the crime, you know,” Mayfield said. “Let him get a chance to go on and live his life.”

Bay Area rapper Trakk says he believes O.J.’s 33-year sentence for robbery and kidnapping was judicial payback after a jury found him not guilty of murdering his wife.

“You say that this trial had nothing to do with the O.J. Simpson trial, but you convict him on the anniversary of the day that you let him go, so, come on now, let’s just keep it 100,” Trakk said.

Keeping it 100 means keeping it real.

Aidan Bradley says nine years behind bars is enough in this case.

“Yeah, I mean, he spent nine years in prison,” said Aidan Bradley, who supported the parole board’s decision. “I feel like at this point, he…obviously seems sorry for what he did. He should be able to get out and spend time with his family.”

Most of the people KRON4 spoke with at Lucky’s said they feel the same way.

In fact, when the parole board made their decision, there was no applause in the barber shop and no cheering.

There were just people who think that on Thursday, the criminal justice system got it right.



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