VIDEO: Dog attacked by otters near Seattle


LAKEWOOD (KRON/CNN) — A dog was attacked by otters at American Lake in Washington State.

KRON4 obtained surveillance video of a family dog being attacked by otters.

You can see the family panicking on the dock as the dog tries to fight off the animals.

The 2-year-old Labrador Retriever was able to make it back to shore and ran back to their home.

She is recovering from her bite wounds.

The dog’s owner, Linda Willingham, says she was shocked by the strength shown by these otters. ”

“She actually was dragged under the water, and she came up and not too long, three or four of them just swarming all over her,” Willingham said. “The local vet also said different reports of animals being attacked by the otters here on American Lake.”

The owners of one Marina say the otters have been taking the trout from their hatchery.

They tried to trap the animals but it didn’t work.

The state game officials say residents can get a hunting license and kill the otters.

Willingham says she would like fish and wildlife to take care of the problem before it comes to that.



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