VIDEO: Woman’s apartment mistakenly cleaned out, precious memories now in trash


LARGO, Fla (WFLA) — When Linda Davis walked into her Florida apartment last week, she first thought she’d entered the wrong unit.

Everything was gone. All of her furniture, her cleaning supplies, but most importantly, her family photos. When she went to the office, a complex employee told her the staff made a mistake.

“So he said, Wednesday afternoon, they came in, the looked here they thought it was an abandoned apartment. And so they threw everything away,” said Davis. “They thought it was an abandoned apartment and apparently I was on some other list because I was vacating. July 31st was my last day. ”

Davis has a home in St. Petersburg, but lived part-time in the apartment to be closer to her three children going to college. She brought boxes of pictures to work on her scrap booking while she waited for her kids to come home. Complex staff explained they were bagged up and tossed in the trash.

Davis was heartbroken. “They’re pictures. What are you going to do?” asked Davis, as tears rolled down her cheeks in her now empty apartment. “My kids are little. They’re not little

“My kids are little. They’re not little anymore. I had ticket stubs and the things when my girl was in dances and stuff. ”

Davis filed a police report with the Largo Police Department, and that may aid in compensation for her furniture and other items of value. But the truth be told, all she really cares about are those pictures. The dumpster is scheduled to be picked up first thing on Monday morning and she plans to be at there, to hopefully retrieve them.

“My hope is that I can stop them taking the dumpster on Monday, go through it and find my five bags of stuff. I mean, they took other stuff, my furniture, but I don’t care about that. I’m sorry. I just want my pictures.”

Our attempt to reach Monterey Lakes management was not successful, and the complex’s voice mail was not accepting messages.



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