ONLY ON KRON4: Mother angry after her teenage son was attacked on San Francisco Muni bus


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A mother is angry after her teenage son was attacked on a Muni bus.

The assault was caught on video. It happened back in May, but the mom says the attackers have still not been caught.

The mom also says her son is traumatized, afraid to ride public transportation since the attack.

The brutal attack happened on the bus so there should be surveillance video of it.

But the victim’s mom says a San Francisco police officer told her Wednesday that they haven’t gotten that footage. She says all she wants is for the suspects to be held accountable for what they did to her son.

Cellphone video shows several people punching and kicking the victim, who can be seen wearing white.

Some watched, and others can be heard cheering the attack on.

“Seeing it and watching it and watching it over and over and watching that happen to my son, it’s hurtful,” the victim’s mother Tamara Jones said. “It’s really hurtful.”

The victim in the video is Jones’s 16-year-old son. He was on Muni Bus 44 in the Bayview headed to work when the attack happened. That was May 15.

Jones says she’s been showing up at Muni and San Francisco police offices since seeking justice for her son but her pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

“It’s like, so what? It happens every day,” Jones said. “But it shouldn’t. It’s like somebody should be held accountable for what went on and what happened. I’m concerned about it happening again. I’m concerned about my son feeling that he needs to carry a weapon, or he needs to retaliate or anything else. I just want him to be able to go to school, finish his last year in high school, and move on to college.”

Jones says the suspects took off with her son’s gold chain, backpack, and MacBook.

Jones says her son doesn’t want to be on camera or work too closely with police because he’s afraid of retaliation.

A Muni spokesman told KRON4 late Wednesday afternoon that he wouldn’t be able to confirm whether or not the video was sent to police until Thursday.



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