CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Brutal, unprovoked Oakland sidewalk assault could cost woman her eyesight


OAKLAND (KRON) — An unprovoked attack on a woman on an Oakland sidewalk could cost a woman her eyesight in one eye.

The attack captured on surveillance video happened last week along International Boulevard in Oakland’s Fruitvale neighborhood.

It is a disturbing video to watch.

A woman walking to the store to buy groceries is hit by a man for no apparent reason. Her family says she is now facing surgery and her attacker is still at large.

The surveillance video is from Jul. 20 and was recorded near 40th Avenue and International Boulevard in Oakland.

The victim in this incident can be seen coming around the corner. 

She then comes face-to-face with a man walking down the sidewalk.

When she steps aside to let him pass, he elbows her in the face. She falls backward and strikes her head on the curb.

He jogs away without even looking back.

The victim, who lives nearby, declined to be interviewed for this story out of fear that this man might seek revenge on her for speaking out.

The victim’s sister, Maria Claros, says her sister is very upset.

“Says she’s sad right now and scared,” Claros said.

Claros says they have never seen the man before and that her sister was simply walking to the store to buy groceries.

“She walked to go to pick up food for the family,” Claros said.

The Oakland Police Department said on Thursday that they are aware of the incident, that they have recovered this surveillance video, and that they are conducting a follow-up investigation.

So far, police have not identified the suspect.

Claros says she hopes they find this man soon before he attacks someone else.

“Find the guy. Because he could do it to more people, more ladies,” Claros said. “He’s very dangerous on the streets.”

Claros says her sister will have surgery to repair damage to her eye this week and that she could suffer some permanent loss of vision.



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