Livermore police arrest four in one-night rash of car break-ins

Brian Randolph (left), John Robertson (right)


LIVERMORE (KRON) — Livermore police say four people are under arrest Thursday night for breaking into more than 50 vehicles in one night.

Investigators say the crimes started in Brentwood and the suspects stole a car.

They then drove to Livermore and broke into more vehicles.

Detectives say the suspects were not only after anything of value, but were looking for keys left inside cars so they could steal them.

Brian Randolph (left), John Robertson (right)

Two men and two teens were arrested. The two men have been identified as 20-year-old Brian Randolph, of Oakland, and 20-year-old John Robertson from Manteca.

The teens arrested are 16 and 17 years old.

Last Friday, 17 cars were broken into, as they were parked at the Hampton Inn, located at 7605 Brentwood Boulevard. One car was stolen.

That stolen car was spotted a few hours later in Livermore, where another 36 cars were broken into.

Randolph and Robertson were arrested on Wednesday in Tracy when officers found them inside the stolen car from Brentwood.

The teens were arrested by Oakland police on unrelated charges.

Police say all four suspects admitted to the crimes.



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