VIDEO: Arsonist strikes three times Thursday in Antioch during broad daylight


ANTIOCH (KRON) — Fire investigators in Contra Costa County say an arsonist was at work in broad daylight three times on Thursday.

Those fires were very small, but they are the latest in a string of intentionally set fires, which could all be related.

This blackened area between homes and an out-of-service railroad track is where firefighters responded yesterday around noon.

In fact, there was even one small spot of smoke still rising on Friday that firefighters doused again.

One fire was 3/4 of an acre in size. The second was about the same size.

The third fire was about two acres. They happened all along a railroad track.

This is similar to five fires in the span of an hour last week. Investigators say it is definitely arson, but it is not necessarily surprising.

Arson is severely underreported around the country.

The fires that were set last week were similar in size.

No structures have been damaged, but they burned close to a school and a church.

Investigator Vic Massenkoff says last week’s fires were from a serial arsonist, and so were yesterday’s.

They might be the same person.



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