VIDEO: Colorado girl, 4, asks cop to check her home for monsters


LONGMONT, CO (WCMH) – A little girl from Colorado is now sure there are no monsters in her house, thanks to a police officer who helped her check everything out.

According to the Longmont Police Department, four-year-old Sidney Fahrenbruch just moved to a new house in town.

When she met Officer David Bonday, at a community barbecue, she told him about her new house and her need to search for monsters, the police department said.

On Sunday, Officer Bonday went over and helped Sidney clear the house of any uninvited guests.

Monsters can be a frightening experience for children. It turns out though, that with a little help, you really can get these unfriendly folks out of your house.

“It was cute to say the least,” Bonday told Inside Edition. “I’ve never had anyone ask me to check for monsters before.”

“They searched the whole house, top to bottom,” Sidney’s mom said. “They went to town. They looked in every closet, every bathroom, and every room to make sure there were none.”

“It actually gave her the confidence to be around the new house,” she explained. “She wants to be a police officer now more than ever.”



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