VIDEO: Muni riders on-edge after woman attacked by mob of girls


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Riders are on edge Friday night after another mob attacked a rider using public transit, beating the victim as the person tries to call for help.

KRON4 has told you about a series of violent episodes on Muni recently. So, Terisa Estacio went to find out what is being done by the police and Muni to try and crack down on these assaults.

Riding a Muni bus on Kearny and Market Thursday evening, a rider says a group of girls started harassing her. When the 30-year-old woman pulled out her phone to call the police, the group started to beat her.

“The victim was hit several times,” San Francisco Police Officer Robert Rueca said. “As she was being struck, she dropped her phone and that’s when one of the suspects picked up the phone, and the group then fled the bus.”

While police say they are investigating, including going through surveillance video from the bus, this case comes on the heels of several other disturbing crimes.

For example, just this past Tuesday, KRON4 exclusively brought you the story of a mother outraged after her son was viciously attacked on a Muni bus.

And a story, that you saw only on KRON4 in April, tells you about a band of teenagers violently assaulting and robbing a woman on Muni.

“We never want to see incidents like these, where people are being attacked and having their items stolen from them,” Muni spokesman Paul Rose.

Rose says 700,000 people ride the system every day.

He also says despite these high profile cases, crime is actually going down on Muni.

“For the last five years, we’ve seen crime trends decline, and that’s something we attribute to working with the police department, providing our video when we can,” Rose said.

However, victims say it doesn’t feel that way, and they are outraged about the recent assaults.

Other riders KRON4 spoke with say they wish the system felt safer.

Muni says they are working closely with the San Francisco Police Department.

A few years ago, the department held a sting operation to try and crack down on a gang terrorizing riders.

Police would not share what their tactics were.

San Francisco police did say they have increased patrols recently in an effort to try and keep riders safe.



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