VIDEO: Woman says she’s frustrated with authorities after being attacked in Highway 4 road rage incident in Pittsburg


PITTSBURG (KRON) — A woman who says she was the victim of road rage on Highway 4 in Pittsburg Friday is speaking out.

KRON4 talked with the Antioch resident who says she’s angry at her alleged attacker and frustrated with the lack of response from law enforcement.

The Antioch resident, who wants to remain anonymous, is checking out the damage she says was done to her car while she was driving on Highway 4 in Pittsburg Thursday afternoon.

Her passenger side mirror was shattered, and the plastic covering busted off. She says it was done by a motorcycle rider who had been tailgating her while she drove in the fast lane.

She thinks he was mad that she didn’t move out of his way.

“He pulled up on the side of me again, and then he had punched out my rear-view mirror, and they flipped me off, and then took off doing about 100 in and out of traffic trying to get away,” said the victim, who did not want to be identified.

The victim called the California Highway Patrol hoping that they can use the cameras installed on Highway 4 to catch the person who did this.

She says the response she got from the officer who responded frustrating.

“He said basically the cameras that are installed are plate readers only, so will flag it if a car (is) stolen, and that’s the only point,” the victim said. “He said no, there was nothing he could do. I can report it to my insurance company or pay out of pocket.”

Since the damage will probably be less than her deductible, she decided not to file a report and instead called KRON4.

The public information officer at the Contra Costa CHP office was out and KRON4 was referred to the district attorney’s office.

I explained the victim’s situation to Sr. Deputy Attorney Mary Knox.

She says there are both license plate readers and cameras on Highway 4 in Pittsburg that are monitored by Pittsburg police.

It’s a system that is working to combat crime and is expected to be expanded and enhanced starting this year.

In the future, what’s being called a freeway safety network will go from Highway 80 in Richmond to Highway 4 in Antioch.

The deputy district attorney said her advice to the victim would be to call the CHP again and this time file a report.

She can then request that the CHP follow up with Pittsburg police to review their footage to see if he was caught on camera.

She says it’s possible the CHP officer who responded was simply uninformed of what Pittsburg police’s recently installed camera system is capable of.



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