8-year-old New Hampshire boy honored for saving sister during fire

NEW HAMPSHIRE (KRON)–An 8-year-old boy from New Hampshire was honored for his quick think when his family’s home caught fire.

Harrison Holt was home with his father John Holt, and siblings when the fire happened.

Harrison’s dad just finished cutting the grass and was putting his lawnmower back in the home’s attached barn.

John Holt saw the flames in the barn and grabbed a fire extinguisher.

“By the time I got down there it was fairly out of control already,” he said.

Holt passed Harrison a phone and he called 911 for help and more.

“We both ran up and he dialed and I took the phone and carried my baby sister out,” Harrison said.

The fire eventually spread to the home and Harrison carried his sister to a tree in the front yard where their brother was waiting for them.

The tree was a designated meeting spot in the family’s fire safety plan, which they practiced a few weeks ago.

The fire destroyed the home, but the family plans to rebuild.



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