Family: 3-year-old boy developed E. coli after swimming in Northern California lake


NEVADA COUNTY (KRON/CNN) — A 3-year-old boy has been hospitalized for E. coli after swimming in a Northern California lake.

The child whose name has not been released began suffering from severe intestinal symptoms after swimming at Lake Wildwood Beach in Nevada County.

Three other kids have been treated for E. coli as well.

The health department closed down the beach after water there was tested and had high levels of fecal coliforms. 

That’s bacteria which can cause serious illness.

“Real upset stomach, digestive issues, blood in his stool,” aunt Sara Dunn said. “Was taken to Sierra Nevada Tuesday, admitted to ICU shortly afterwards and was transferred to UC Davis yesterday because he tested positive for E. coli, and it’s now affecting his kidneys.”

Lake Wildwood is a gated community.

Officials with the neighborhood have not commented on the incident.



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