VIDEO: Stockton boy is one of President Trump’s biggest fans


STOCKTON (KRON/KTXL) — The White House press secretary started a press briefing last week with a letter from one of President Trump’s supporters.

The letter came from a 9-year-old Stockton boy who is perhaps one of the president’s biggest fans.

He dresses like trump

“At least once a week he would wear one of his suits to school,” mother Sue Ann Harbin said.

He reads about Trump.

“He sat down, 5, 10 minutes every day…,” Harbin said. “I have to help him with the bigger words.”

And even aspires to earn like Trump.

President Trump`s biggest fan is a 9-year-old Stockton boy called Pickle.

But unlike his favorite president, Dylan gets a bit uncomfortable in the spotlight.

But if there`s one thing that tickles Pickle, it`s watching Wednesday`s White House press briefing.

“I sent him a letter and asked if he could be my friend and he said yes,” Dylan said.

Amid a week full of controversy and scandal, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders read the letter.

And that’s the moment Pickle has been living for.

“I want him to tell me I can be president,” Dylan said.

Ever since his third-grade class held a mock election last year, Dylan’s mother Harbin says while she has to filter some Trump headlines to keep things age appropriate, she supports her son.

“Actually, nobody wanted to make his cake,” Harbin said.

She ended up tracking down the only baker who would make a “Make America Great” hat birthday cake.

If you’re ever in Washington D.C., I hope you’ll stop by and let us show you around the White House.

It`s all bit overwhelming for Pickle, but Harbin says she`ll make it happen

“I don`t know how mom will get you there, but we`ll get you there,” Harbin said.



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