VIDEO: Novato High School football program faces cancellation


NOVATO (KRON) — A school in Novato is hoping that it can save its football program.

The school’s principal issued an email recently announcing the program was facing a possible cancellation due to not enough people showing up for practice for the varsity team.

News has spread quickly, and now, many are fighting to make sure the program lives another day.

At practice on Tuesday afternoon, players set their sights on drills but are also confronting whether this all was for nothing.

The principal at Novato High School sent out an email recently warning that varsity football at the North Bay High School was in trouble.

“For morning summer conditioning sessions, we only had maybe three or four kids,” Assistant Principal Greg Fister said.

Fister says the school realizes kids can’t always make summer practice with family obligations, but they need commitments or else, no ball.

An alumnus printed shirts for players to wear and spread the word.

Ever since the email went out, players have been rushing out to defend the team and make sure that come fall, football will be here.

Trey Taylor played at Novato High School in 2007.

He just moved back to town to work for SMART Train, and now, after hearing about his beloved former school’s football team in trouble, he has signed up to help be a coach.

“Football is much more than just a sport just for the kids that are playing, but it’s a good place for homecoming and cheerleaders and…the community getting together and coming to support young people trying to do something positive,” Taylor said.

The principal has since sent out another email based on the support from the community giving the varsity team a one-week reprieve.

On Wednesday night, there will be a meeting to go over who will show up to play.

Monday is when mandatory practice begins.

If enough people show up, then football at Novato High School could be off the chopping block.



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