VIDEO: Contra Costa County CHP educating officers about Highway 4 cameras

Highway 4 camera.


CONTRA COSTA COUNTY (KRON) — The Contra Costa Office of the California Highway Patrol is taking new steps to educate their officers about an investigative tool that has, up until now, has been underutilized.

KRON4’s Maureen Kelly brought the issue to light after looking into the complaint of a viewer who felt that the investigation into her report about a road rage incident wasn’t thorough enough.

It wasn’t the crime of the century, but a broken car mirror ended up revealing a sizable gap in communication at the Contra Costa CHP office.

“We apologize, and we assure you we don’t want it to happen again and will take every effort to prevent it from happening again,” Lt. Brian Goldhammer said.

Last week, an Antioch resident, who wants to remain anonymous, called the CHP because a motorcycle rider punched out her mirror while she was driving through Pittsburg.

Because she had seen reports on KRON4 about the camera system set up on that stretch of roadway, she asked the CHP officer who responded to her call about looking at the footage to try and catch the culprit in her case.

She was frustrated by his response.

“He said basically the cameras that are installed are plate readers only, so will flag it if a car (is) stolen, and that’s the only point,” the victim said. “He said no, there was nothing he could do. I can report it to my insurance company or pay out of pocket.”

It turned out it wasn’t just the one officer who didn’t know about the fact that Pittsburg police installed cameras that record video as well as license plate readers along the highway just over a year ago.

Even a lieutenant had no idea until he reached out to Pittsburg police after seeing our story.

“The video footage that is it, that is associated with that was just kind of overlooked and not really focused on for our investigations, but that’s gonna be corrected,” Goldhammer said.

He says they will spread the word about the camera to all their officers through normal channels.

The lieutenant says he will personally follow up with the officer investigating the case KRON4 highlighted in its report to make sure all of the investigative tools at their disposal are utilized.



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