VIDEO: Search continues for missing Fresno woman, foul play possible


FRESNO, Calif (KSEE) — The search continues for 20-year old Lucy Xiong. She’s been missing since Friday.

The Fresno Police department suspects foul play.

They believe she could have been abducted or she could have fallen into the canal near her apartment.

They fear she could have fallen into the canal near McKinley and First less than a mile from her home on Olive and First.

The Fresno Irrigation District is preparing to lower the water levels to search for her body.

General Manager Gary Serrato said at midnight on Thursday they will halt the water all the way up at Pine Flat Dam.

At 6 a.m. on Thursday morning, the water level will be low enough that you’ll be able to see the bottom of the canal. The water is expected to resume as normal around noon, according to Serrato.

Serrato said, “Our hearts go out to the family obviously, and we want to do everything we can to make this happen.”

Detectives contacted the Fresno Irrigation District on Monday, and Serrato said they asked them to start the process of lowering the water levels in the canal to see if Xiong’s body will turn up.

“We believe we’re part of the community. We want to help the community,” stated Serrato.

Serrato said it will take several hours for the water to be low enough around the area where Xiong was last reported.

Chief Jerry Dyer said, “Not only is the water extremely cold, but there is a fast moving current…Once an individual’s in that water it is very, very difficult, if not impossible to get out.”

Dyer said foul play remains a focal point of the investigation.

“We’re not going to put all of our energy into simply searching the canal because she may have been abducted,” ended Dyer.

Serrato said up to 200 farmers on the West Side of Fresno who receive their irrigation water through the Dry Creek System will have interrupted service Thursday morning.

Anyone with information on this case is asked to contact Fresno Police or Crime Stoppers at 498-STOP.

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