VIDEO: Police send Salinas girl to Disneyland after thieves steal her trip money


SALINAS (KRON/CNN) — Salinas police came to the rescue when a little girl’s trip to Disneyland was derailed.

Ten-year-old Andrea Ramirez had been saving up for her trip to Disneyland all year.

Then, just weeks before she was set to go, thieves broke into her home, taking her suitcase and the $200 she had put away for the trip.

When Salinas police heard about her story, they took matters into their own hands.

Ramirez was called to police headquarters on the ruse of identifying her stolen belongings.

When she got there, she was given a Mickey Mouse card filled with money.

The Salinas Police Department had raised more than $1,000 so Ramirez could go to Disneyland.

“When they did that, they gave me a bunch of money that I couldn’t believe. It was amazing,” Ramirez said.

The Salinas fifth grader had the time of her life at Disneyland, bringing back souvenirs for her brother and parents.

Ramirez says she’s thankful to Salinas police for making her dream come true.



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