VIDEO: Beachcomber finds man’s lost wedding ring

Images courtesy of CNN

Video courtesy of CNN

FLORIDA (KRON) — A Florida beach-goer thought his family heirloom wedding ring was gone forever when he lost it on vacation.

Michael and Courtney Chenkus were playing catch waist-deep in the water when an untimely wave struck the ring right off Michael’s hand.

The gold band had been in the family for nearly 50 years.

Moments of panic and heartbreak followed as the ring disappeared into the ocean.

The couple’s luck took a turn for the better when volunteers from Suncoast Research and Recovery Club came to their assistance.

The metal-detecting enthusiasts scanned the area and within 30 minutes, the ring was found.

Courtney was able to catch Michael’s priceless reaction on camera.

The couple feels forever indebted to their new friends.

According to the Suncoast Research and Recovery Club’s website, the group has returned more than 440 lost items.

They do this work for free, out of the kindness of their hearts.

CNN contributed to this article.



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