Australian café charges men 18% more to highlight pay gap

MELBOURNE, Australia (KRON/CNN) — A cafe in Melbourne, Australia is getting lots of attention because it’s charging men a premium simply because they are men.

The cafe is giving male customers what it considers a side of gender equity along with their coffee and sandwiches, according to CNN.

The cafe is called, “Handsome Her.”

It just opened a few days ago and wants to make a point about the pay gap.

Men earn roughly 18 percent more than women in Australia, a difference that’s roughly the same in the United States. 

A chalkboard outlines the “house rules,” which points out that they’re charging men 18 percent extra as a kind of gender tax.

The owners say that people love it.

Although, the internet has gone crazy over the story, with some men and women saying it’s just another act of gender discrimination, even if they mean well.

The owners say that some of the extra money being raised is being sent to a women’s charity.

They also say the main idea was to start a conversation, which has certainly happened.



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