VIDEO: Placerville Italian restaurant burglarized, vandalized in its first week open


PLACERVILLE (KRON/CNN) — The “little Italian” Place in Placerville on Pleasant Valley Road has only been open for two weeks but it has had a rocky start.

Tucked on the side of Pleasant Valley Road, the “little Italian” place has only been open for two weeks.

“We’ve been overwhelmed with business,” owner Michael McDermott said.

In that time, McDermott has served a lot of customers, but he’s also been served some bad fortune.

“We had a little bit of a hiccup,” McDermott said.

After a busy opening weekend, McDermott says last Tuesday his surveillance cameras caught a man breaking through the back door.

“Steel door, steel plate in here,” McDermott said.

And they stole a computer system and a cash register full of money.

“They just grabbed the entire thing with the cash in it,” McDermott said.

“It was a substantial loss,” McDermott said.

Just two days later, the business was vandalized outside. That incident was also caught on surveillance cameras.

The video shows a man get out of a car and knock over a huge decorative wine barrel.

McDermott thinks the fit of rage stemmed from an argument and says the man knocked over seven barrels, destroying two of them.

“Started punching and kicking and throwing his weight around,” McDermott said.

He believes two separate men are behind the two incidents.

He doesn’t think the new business is being targeted but says a $3,000 setback from damage and losses is personal

“They’re messing with the wrong guy–I’m Boston Italian–wrong guy!” McDermott said.

Despite the rocky start, McDermott is optimistic his restaurant still found a comfortable new home in Placerville.

“This is a big town but it’s a small town,” McDermott said. “We’re gonna do just fine, and I’m gonna find that guy.”



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