ONLY ON KRON4: San Francisco couple says they’ve been terrorized by repeat thief in their Bernal Heights neighborhood


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A San Francisco couple says they’ve been terrorized by a repeat criminal in their Bernal Heights neighborhood.

They say he broke into their home, taking things like family heirlooms, a passport, and more.

On Wednesday night, the couple talked exclusively to KRON4. They say this has been an absolute nightmare.

They’ve lost precious pieces of jewelry, passed down through generations.

They now have to replace passports, social security cards, and they say most importantly, they just don’t feel safe. 

A burglary, a car break-in, and package thefts happened to them all in a matter of weeks. And police believe one man may be responsible.

Himanshu Bhaisare and Milana Ram were burglarized on Jul. 19.

When they came home, nothing looked unusual, but they discovered that her MacBook, passport, social security card, and family heirlooms gone.

“One of the items that were stolen was a 100-year-old necklace which is given from her great great grandmother. So, if nothing else, that is one item that we would like to get back. It’s not about money at this point. It’s very emotional value,” Bhaisare said.

“You don’t realize the value of things when you actually have it,” Ran added. “Only when it’s gone, that’s when it kind of hits you like, ‘Oh my God. That was so precious. I’m going to miss that so much.’”

But the couple says more than the materials they lost, it’s their peace of mind that they want back the most.

“I couldn’t sleep for a week,” Ram said. “I would wake up in the middle of the night, go check all the doors again. So, I had too much anxiety after a while. The previous day, I was home all day and the next day when I went out, that’s when it happened. So, I was just wondering what if he had come when I was home alone, and there was no one at home, so it’s a safety matter too. We had many sleepless nights after that.”

“You kind of feel like I’m not even safe in my own home,” Bhaisare said. “That’s the worst feeling to have.”

Their neighbors have also been victims.

Another video shows what appears to be the same person breaking into a car and taking belongings.



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