CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Man spikes couple’s water jug with liquid plant food


SAN DIEGO (KRON) — Police in San Diego are on the lookout for a man accused of spiking a couple’s water jug with a potential toxin, and it was all caught on camera.

Surveillance video from homeowners Kristina Gagne and her wife shows the man has his back facing the camera, knowing he is being filmed.

The couple said this happened in front of their house around midnight.

The suspect is believed to have poured liquid plant food into the water.

Gagne says she is appalled that something like this would happen.

“I would have never thought that something as simple as leaving my water on my porch would lead to something like this, so I wanted all my neighbors to know,” Gagne said. “It’s a warning to everybody that we live in a world nowadays where you can’t even leave water on your porch without somebody possibly tampering with it.”

Police at first did not make a police report until the homeowners shared the video and warned neighbors about this wanted man.

Police are looking at surveillance video and are collecting any other evidence.



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