VIDEO: Over century-old headstone found buried underneath San Francisco garage unearthed


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A piece of history was pulled from the ground in San Francisco on Friday.

An old headstone discovered by a team of electricians earlier this week in Laurel Heights was unearthed after the homeowner’s decided to give it away.

It took about 2 hours to get it out.

The owner of Lowes Electric says the headstone weighs about a ton.

His crew just so happened to come across it while upgrading the underground electrical panel in this garage.

Rob Lowe says he’s going to keep the headstone, bring it to his home in the North Bay, and study its history.

“I have…shovel collections…old, old fire hydrant from the…early…1950s or something from the city,” Lowe said. “One of the workers gave it to me, so that’s up there too.”

The oldest date on the marble headstone is 1813.

It’s one of several that have been found over the years in Laurel Heights.

The neighborhood used to be a cemetery before it was moved the City of Colma.

Back then, the caskets and urns were taken to the new location.

But the San Francisco Medical Examiner’s office says many of the headstones were left behind and used as landfill.




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