Solar Eclipse: Your questions, experts answers

(KRON) The eclipse is closing in.

On August 21, the moon will move in between the sun and the Earth in just the right spot that will cast a shadow over a 70-mile path as it moves across the United States.

Cities, towns, law enforcement, hotels, motels, colleges and vendors have already made plenty of preparations. Among the predictions are that the total solar eclipse will create Oregon’s greatest-ever traffic jam, that more than 1 million visitors will invade Oregon for the 2 minutes of total darkness, and that the threat of wildfires is dramatically increased during our eclipse infestation of visitors.

But what about the science of it all? Will this really be the only time in your lifetime you may actually get to see the sun’s corona?

Well, the experts answered all those questions in a 40-minute Q&A. Get the details here with experts from OMSI, the Oregon Office of Emergency Management, the Oregon Department of Forestry and the Oregon State Parks.



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