VIDEO: Ahead of school, health officials urge parents to get their children the proper shots


CONTRA COSTA COUNTY (KRON) — August marks National Immunization Month, and California mandates a series of shots for school-aged children.

Last year, the rules changed and the personal exemption clause for families was removed.

So now, all children must follow state guidelines.

Vaccines are checked as kids enter daycare, transitional kindergarten, and kindergarten, and in addition, if a child is switching districts. Plus, when students are entering seventh grade, there is another booster they must get.

KRON4 talked with the communicable disease chief in Contra Costa County about immunization and the importance of having all children follow the guidelines.

“Vaccines are great. They help protect us. They help keep kids safe and healthy,” Paul Leung said. “And when they’re safe and healthy, then that means they can go to school, learn, have fun with their friends, and not be miserable at home sick.”

The chief showed us some of the shots that are required.

He said if you cannot get to your pediatrician, then you can try going to a local pharmacy with your child’s records and get your required shots that way.




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