Caught on Camera: Daycare worker aggressively tosses child


Video courtesy of CNN.

NEVADA (KRON) — A daycare worker in Nevada was fired after being caught on camera tossing a five-year-old child.

The incident happened at a daycare center in Henderson on Thursday.

The child’s mother, who wishes to remain anonymous, was shocked after seeing the grainy 22-second clip of the incident.

“You just can’t even believe that this is what you just saw that had happened to your child, that you weren’t even notified about,” she said.

Her 5-year-old is seen playing by the door, when she says the girls started bickering.

This is when the worker aggressively moves her daughter.

She starts to walk away, but immediately turns back around.

This time she tossed the child several feet.

As police investigate, the mother’s goal to make sure this woman is permanently banned from caring for the vulnerable.

“Anybody who is older, anybody who is disabled, anybody who needs help, I don’t want her to ever be in this line of work again,” she said.

The mother found out about what happened after having a conversation with her child.

“She showed me how the teacher grabbed her, and she showed me how far the teacher threw her,” she said.

The mother has advice for other parents.

“Talk with your kids,” she says. “And look for signs of possible abuse.”

The daycare says the worker was fired immediately, and management insists that they were the ones to notify the mom of this incident.

The girl’s mother reported what happened to police, who are now investigating the situation.

CNN contributed to this article.



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