Fresno lawyer arrested twice in two weeks for child molestation


FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) – A Fresno attorney accused of shocking sex crimes against kids is behind bars.

Steven Matlak was arrested Monday, since then bailed out, but is now back behind bars after more alleged victims came forward after our report.

The 40-year-old Fresno resident is now facing three new felony charges.

Fresno County Sheriff’s Department said Matlak was arrested at his home at Barstow and Fruit and other possible victims have come forward; all connected to the family or their close friends.

Fresno County Sheriff’s Spokesperson Tony Botti said his charges include alleged lewd acts with a child under 14-years-old and other sex charges involving a child age 10 or younger.

“This is another case where Matlak had previous relationships where he knew the families and he used that for his advantage to take advantage of these kids. He was getting the girls to undress and once he had them undressed he was getting them to do things he wanted to them to do so he could have power over them,” said Botti.

The first Presbyterian Church Fresno website shows that Matlak and his wife host a water park themed bible study swimming group for elementary school children at their home every week throughout summer.  The site invites elementary students to attend. The page reads:

“Grab those goggles, swimsuits, and towels and join us for summer swim studies every Wednesday night beginning June 15 through August 10.”

The church confirms Matlak has been an active member since 2009.

In an email Pastor Jeremy Vacarro states:

“We are deeply saddened and grieved by this entire situation. Our hope is that the truth is made known, and that we can all work together toward restoration and healing. To that end, we have already begun ministering to those whom we are aware have been impacted.”

Botti said sexual predators often take advantage of close relationships and prey on children in their friends and family’s inner circle. If you think your child has been in contact with Matlak Fresno Sheriff’s Department asks you to please speak out and call the department right away.




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